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Busta Rhymes Allegedly Gave A Woman Herpes! WARNING [ SHE GOT BURNT] WAT!!

This calls for a Jay-Z quote… “We don’t believe you, you need more people.”
Busta Rhymes allegedly gave a woman herpes and she is telling all via her blog. Busta’s real name Trevor Tahiem Smith, Jr. is mentioned in the message.
“Busta needs to be arrested!!! How can someone get away with spreading a infectious virus that they know they have. He is cruel and the most disgusting person I’ve ever met. This is a warning, warning, WARNING stay away from him!!!!!!Be back later, I have a lot more to blog about like meeting Busta infector, my efforts to rid my body of this disease (I don’t believe in drugs),

etc…The Worst Day of My Life I consider meeting Trevor or Taheim as I called him the worst day of my life. I’d known him for a few years prior to him infecting me. Not that it matters but it wasn’t a one night stand scenario. I’ve grown a lot since then and my perception of people has changed. I was young, naive and trusting.

So I’m at a party and Bustas road manager Fab comes up to me and says Bus wants to meet you. Okaaayy so he was tall, handsome, suited up and polite. I was attracted to him. He looked nothing like the hot dog neck, bloated gut, washed up rapper that he looks like now. We talked for a little while and he asked me for my number and we exchanged.”
How can she be so sure Busta gave her the disease [side eye]?
Source :MTO


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