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Cops Called To Nicki Minaj’s House After Altercation With Her Maid!

Cops were called to Nicki Minaj‘s Hollywood home after Nicki allegedly got into an altercation with her ex-maid. 

TMZ reports “Nicki’s maid took a photo of the singer out of the trash and then asked Nicki to sign it. Nicki got pissed and fired her.” More details below…….

The maid later came back to the residence where Nicki became enraged and told her to leave. A source claims “the maid stood her ground, demanding not to be “treated like an animal” — at which point, Nicki allegedly said, “I’ll show you how to treat someone like an animal … get the f**k out of my house!”

Nicki’s alleged boyfriend Scarf Beezy jumped into the mix and shoved the maid. The maid’s boss called the cops and filed a battery report.

According to TMZ “One source says — contrary to what the cops say – Nicki actually made a mistake, saw another maid and assumed she was the one Nicki had fired.”

Either way it seems like Nicki and Keri Hilson are a bit of a diva!.


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