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Kim Kardashian Confronted By Her ‘Hater’ [Video]

This new H8ter show is awful! Mario Lopez should be ashamed of himself..
In case you haven’t heard, there is a new show out titled, ‘H8ter’ where celebs confront their biggest haters in an attempt to change their perception of them. The show thus far has been incredibly scripted with scenarios that didn’t make sense but the last straw was the upcoming scene that’s been floating around with Kim Kardashian and her alleged ‘Hater’.
Of all the people that are annoyed with Kim Kardashian for various reasons, how predictable of the show to find a ‘black woman’ who hates Kim because of her ass? Like really? The last thing most of us are thinking about at night is how much we hate Kim because of how big her azz is. Before Kim, there was J. Lo and she had the booty game on lock …
The woman tells Kim:

I thought we had a corner on that. That’s us. That’s who we are
She’s all over the media with our men!

The paid actor, Deena Jacobs, who’s also had roles on RuPaul’s Drag U (figures) as well as an episode of ‘Dr. Phil’s ‘Bad Girls’, also goes on to tell Kim that she’s not doing enough for the African American community. Why are Armenians obligated to do anything for the African American community? Who wrote this script?
Check out the episode below:


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