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Lindsay Lohan Saying: ‘I Want Closure On My Legal Problems’

Lindsay Lohan is ready to face JudgeStephanie Sautner on Wednesday for her probation violation hearing and she was ordered to work 16 hours per week at the morgue until hearing. Also she is looking forward to getting back to work. [What’s with the positive thinking, is it because of her dad being in the same position as her? Well lets see].

Judge Sautner will determine if Lohan,25,formally violated terms of her probation when she failed to appear at the Downtown Women’s Center for several community service commitments. Lohan was ordered to help out at the Skid Row shelter after she pleaded no contest in her misdemeanor theft case.

“Lindsay recognizes it’s time to have closure on this. Lindsay has several projects we will be announcing in the coming months, and she is looking forward to being back on set,” Lohan’s rep Steve Honig tells Reporters.

“Lindsay has been doing eight hour shifts just like everybody else, and she is working diligently in fulfilling her obligations. Lindsay is being accountable and is taking this very, very seriously,” Honig says.
If Judge Sautner rules on Wednesday that Lindsay did violate the terms of her probation, she could be sentenced up to 18 months behind bars. The starlet’s attorney Shawn Holley will assert that Lohan is in full compliance with all terms of her probation.


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