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In Other News: A Man sodomises 23-day-old son after wife declines sex

A man sodomised his 23-day-old son after his wife, who is still in confinement, refused to have sex with him.
The 39-year-old mother noticed that her son was weak and listless and found injuries on the baby’s anus and mouth when she was bathing him.
“She brought him to a nearby clinic before being referred to Selayang Hospital where doctors confirmed that the baby was sodomised,” Gombak deputy OCPD Supt Rosly Hassan said.
Police believed the baby’s mouth was bruised because the man had covered it with his hands while trying to prevent the baby’s cries from being heard by his wife.
“We believe the incident took place in the bedroom of the family’s home at Batu Caves. The mother was believed to be resting in the living room when the incident took place,” he said.
The man was picked up by police at 8pm on Friday after his wife lodged a police report at the Selayang police station.
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