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Beyonce Mommy-To-Be Lady Lumps On Blast In NYC, & Australian TV Host Shuts Down Bey’s Fake Pregnancy Rumors, Will Show Angles [Video]

Beyonce and the future Baby Knowles-Carter were spotted in NYC yesterday.

Beyonce said ‘forget Maternity clothes, I’m still going to look fly’ as she walked around New York yesterday in a fitted corset dress and Walter Steiger pumps while showing off her controversial ‘baby bump’. She has been the subject of many reports over the past week that
claim she is faking her pregnancy and wearing a prosthetic after it appeared that her stomach folded during a TV interview with Australian’s ‘Sunday Night HD’.

The host of the show, Molly Meldrum recently called into a radio show to give his thoughts on the Beyonce rumors, stating:

It is a baby under Beyonce’s bonnet (as you put it), yes. She’s not freaking out [about the rumors] nor is Jay-z they are delighted.

When asked if her ‘baby bump’ folding was the result of a weird angle and if the rumors were true that she was wearing a prosthetic, he responded:

Weird angle in what respect? That’s the biggest nonsense I’ve ever heard in my life. She is well and truly pregnant, believe me, and the baby is due out in February. I think that’s weird. People’s imaginations tend to go a bit too wild. She’s a pregnant beaming woman. I’ve known Beyonce for a long long time since Destiny’s Child first rolled onto the scene.

[Beyonce and Jay-z] are very private people. She said nothing until the Video Music Awards and she was starting to show so she decided to tell everyone. A lot of young ladies have become pregnant, Whoopi and others have waited until the time to disclose [they were pregnant] until they are at least 12 weeks.
[She’s ] most definitely [pregnant], those little booties I gave her will go to either the boy or the girl, whatever it may be.

‘Sunday Night HD’ will also replay the questionable footage of Beyonce’s ‘Folding bump’ on their show tomorrow night from three different angles. Watch the preview of the show below:

Beyonce is probably somewhere shaking her head… or laughing. One or the other.. Maybe both.


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