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WTF?!?: Beyonce’s Father Mathew Knowles Accused Of Trying To Buy A Baby For B & Jay-Z!

The rumors about Beyonce faking her pregnancy are louder than ever, and now her father Mathew Knowles has been accused of offering to buy a baby for Beyonce and Jay-Z to raise as their own. The woman Mathew reportedly made

this offer to is Alexsandra Wright, the woman he knocked up while married to Beyonce and Solange’s mom Tina.

According to Star Magazine, Alexsandra reaction was:
“My first thought when he asked me if I would give up our child to Beyonce and Jay Z was, ‘Are you out of your mind?’ Nothing in this world, no amount of money, would make me give up my child. You can’t BUY my child from me.”
Alexsandra reportedly has a tape of Mathew making this offer. Scandalous! Get the rest of the story here.


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