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American Idol Scott McCreery’s Thanksgiving Lip Sync Failed! [Video]

American Idol winner Scott McCreery caught flubbing his lips during the famed Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. It was just a lip sync gone bad, and we have the embarrassing video. Come inside to see more……..

The 18-year-old missed his cue when his voice was heard singing The Trouble With Girls and he was a couple seconds behind in his miming.
The teenager was forced to quickly play catch up, but his mistake was obvious to the estimated 50 million people watching the show on TV.

While all artists lip-sync for the parade in New York, the other stars including Cee Lo Green,Mary J. Blige and Avril Lavigne all performed without a glitch.
This isn’t the first time Scotty messed up for a national event. During the World Series he forgot the words to theStar Spangled Banner!


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