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Beyonce Telling Rihanna To Walk Away From Music!

Rihanna has reportedly reached out to Beyonce for advice, and the pop superstar told RiRi to step away from music. Why? Because Rihanna wasn’t just sick when she recently cancelled shows on her European tour, she was burnt out.

Beyonce suggested that she take a year off. According to the UK’s Daily Mail, Rihanna had a near “meltdown” during the European leg of her 101-date tour and turned to Beyonce to help her stay strong and carry on. But Beyonce had some advice that Rihanna may not have wanted to hear. Beyonce told the 23-year-old singer that she should consider taking a year off of showbiz after the culmination of her massive tour to rest and rejuvenate.

But will Rihanna take Beyonce’s sage advice. If Rihanna’s weekend tweet is any indication, Beyonce may be right.

“I’m so light-headed! WTF!!!!!” Rihanna wrote on Twitter after a performance in Dublin — a performance that, according to the UK’s Sun, Rihanna had previously threatened to cancel due to her delicate and over-worked emotional state.

So could this be the last we see of RiRi before her tour ends? Although we can’t imagine the provocative, camera-loving popstar going into hiding, if we know one thing it’s the motto, ‘Beyonce is always right.’


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