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Dr. Conrad Murray SENTENCED To 4 Years In Prison!

Conrad Murray was just sentenced moments ago in a Los Angeles court.  And he’s getting the max term.  Come inside to read more………………………….

The court has determined that the appropriate sentencing was the “high” term of 4 years in prison for involuntary manslaughter. To be honest i’m not quit okay with his sentencing, but who are we to judge a man when a higher power watches over us.
Anyhow, the judge stated he feels the max term is necessary because the doctor abandoned his patient who trusted him, administered potentially dangerous drugs, his actions occurred over a period of time, he repeatedly lied to cover up his transgressions, and he violated the trust of his patient and medical community.
The judge also said Murray has “absolutely no sense of remorse” and is still dangerous.
If Dr. Murray does end up practicing medicine in the U.S. or elsewhere, the judge said Murray “is so reckless” with his conduct that he’s a danger to all everywhere.
Due to overcrowding in the jails, many believe he will actually only serve 2 years in county jail.  Or 2 years of home confinement because of overcrowding in county jails as well.
Source: ABC News

Its funny how you will never hear a judge or county jail tell someone who hasnt been in the spot-light about overcrowding jails! I say MAKE SPACE!!!


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