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“Exclusive: Shocking New Details About Justin Bieber & His Baby Mama + Missing Photos Bought For $200,000 By Justin’s Staff / Handlers!.”

News Broke this week about Justin Biebers secret child. But Following the filing of a paternity lawsuit Monday against Justin Bieber by 20-year-old fan Mariah Yeater, there are new shocking details of their encounter. Come inside for more details..

A freelance journalist who works for Reuters and Chicago Tribune said that when he was doing some research on Bieber and Mariah, he could not find any pictures from after the concert, which are usually available on the web.
He later then contacted his friend who was the photographer at the event, and he said he was paid $200,000 by Bieber’s handlers for pictures of the singer after the October 25, 2010 Los Angeles Staples Center concert covered with sweat, his t-shirt ripped and his hair out of place. Find out more on this story Click Here

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In other news Justing Bieber and Selena Gomez are not breaking up… Justin exclusively told reports that selena is over seas doing a MTV EMA’s show and she supports her man 100%. Truly if i was her i would have BAILED!! Just saying, dont judge me though!

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