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Maino TALKS About His Relationship With “Love & Hip-Hop” Star Olivia Saying “We Played Around” [Video]

rapper Maino and “Love & Hip-Hop” star Olivia sparked rumors of a romance between the two. Now Maino is revealing what really happened and if they were ever an “item.” Plus see who she is really dating, also he got a mugshot lol. Come inside to read more and check out the video………..

During a recent interview with K97.5, Brooklyn-born rapper Maino addressed rumors that he was romantically involved with reality-star Olivia.
When asked about the photos of him kissing Olivia that recently surfaced, Maino revealed that the images were from a few months ago….but he wouldn’t put an “exact” time stamp on them.
He said, “We was cool. We were having fun. We played around.”  
He added that Olivia is a really cool girl and that she’s moved on with a new boyfriend.   He wouldn’t reveal, but we already reported his name is Terance Kensey, the professional ball player who now plays overseas. We got you see his photo below:
Not to let the cat out the bag, what am i saying we got a mugshot too hmmmmm. See below:
Anyhow, while speaking about reality TV in general, he said he thinks the genre ruins relationships and people should keep their personal business behind closed doors. 
Watch Maino talk about Olivia at 3:44 below:


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