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Mel B’s Daughter Phoenix Chi Saying Her Father Held Her HOSTAGE!

We previously reported that Pheonix Chi, the oldest daughter of “X Factor: Australia” judge Mel B, filed a report accusing her father of holding her hostage at his L.A. apartment.  Get the shocking details inside….

12-year-old old daughter Phoenix Chi filed a battery police report earlier this month accusing her father, Jimmy Gulzar, of holding her hostage. 
The ish allegedly went down on October 11 when Jimmy refused to let Phoenix leave his apartment after one of her “custodial visits.” 
According to a source close to the situtation, 
“The cops had to be called to enforce the court order, which states that Mel has primary custody of Phoenix. There was a stand off for several hours.
When it became clear that Gulzar wasn’t going to turn Phoenix over, LAPD responded and told Jimmy he had to allow his daughter to leave his apartment.” 
But it gets worse…the source added, 
“When Phoenix came out, she was extremely distraught and very upset. The police immediately took her to the police station to fill out a report.”
In the police report it states,
“Victim is suspect’s daughter. Susp has visitation rights w/daughter. When daughter attempted to leave susp’s house to return to mother’s home, susp grabbed vict’s arm refusing to let her leave.”
Spice Girl fans may remember Jimmy as Scary’s dance partner during their “Spice World” tour. And unfortunately, he has a history of “violent” behavior. 
He was arrested after a fight with Mel B’s sister Danielle in 2000 and he was convicted of assaulting a three-year-old autistic boy in 2002.
SMH….doesn’t sound like a person you’d want your kids to have unsupervised visits with if true. Or go see for halloween candy!!


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