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Tamar Braxton Talks About The FIGHT With Mama Braxton & Saying Towanda’s Husband Is LAZY & PIMPING Her!

Reality star Tamar Braxton is not happy about season two of the “Braxton Family Values” and here’s her reaction to the premiere of Thursday night’s drama, while saying Towanda’s lazy husband is pimping her, and Tamar’s blunt relationship advice for ALL her family.
Last Thursday night’s premiere kicked off with all kinds of drama, Tamar got into it with EVERYBODY…especially her mama. 

Here’s her reaction to “everybody hating Tamar”:

Thursday night, we witnessed Mama Evelyn Braxton in rare form as she looked at you and threatened to “slap the piss” out of you for disrespecting her. And then she ended with a good old-fashioned, “You think I’m playing? Try me.” 

How did you feel about reliving that? Have you all come to a mutual understanding yet?

“I understand why my mother got upset at first, but after I explained why I left, I thought she would have understood a lil better. She’s my mom and if she felt like I was disrespectful, then she had EVERY RIGHT! It’s not worth it to me to keep bringing it up so it can be blown out of proportion. I’m going to chill for now and see how it plays out later.”

Also Towanda, her kids, and her estranged husband were living in Trina’s house…for months. Is he working now? How do you feel about Towanda and her husband’s situation?

“My issue with Andre is that he lets Towanda carry ALL the load. He has a college degree and is totally capable of finding SOMETHING! I feel his job now is to “pimp” my sister and the situation to make his laziness make sense. I see that it’s because she lets him. But we were taught the complete opposite. I can’t help but to think: Really? You want him THAT bad? Is it THAT good? I get that he watches his kids. But……Whoopdy doo!

There are plenty of working mothers who watch the kids while working their asses off to make ends meet. I don’t see why she allows him to have that “pass” on his responsibly as a man, father and example to her kids!”

On how her life has changed since Season one:

People are so judgmental. So I gotta keep my hair right, makeup right or folks will get on Twitter and roast me. Also, it’s opened up a lot of business opportunities for me….that I can’t tell you anything about!

On the reality TV business:

I just think we need to get back to the basics. A lot of people have started to look at it as a business opportunity, so now reality tv is like an hour long commercial. But that is not hot. It should also be about entertainment, and viewers should be able to take something away and apply it to their life.

On making her relationship with Vince work:

Vince & I have been together 8 years and married for three. In fact, our 3-year anniversary is in two weeks. My advice is that you should concentrate on yourself first. If there are dreams and goals that you have, you should focus on them.

Relationships are a lot of work and they completely change after you get married. I can’t pinpoint how or why, but they do. All my friends are like, ‘My man was this way while we were dating and after we got married it just changed.’ No one told me but marriage does change everything.

On her relationship advice to her family

The reason I comment on my sisters’ relationships is because I know they deserve better.
For Mom – I feel like she is on the right track. She is dating, she is doing her. I hope she doesn’t get to the point where she feels she has to settle. I feel every girl has a Mr. Right out there.

For Toni – I found out she is seeing her baby daddy [estranged husband Keri Lewis]. She is keeping it a secret and she won’t tell me anything. But I think when you say you gonna get a divorce…you need to figure that out. You can’t go back and forth.

For Traci – She puts her happiness last. She wants people to be comfortable and that’s sad. You sitting over here with crumbs and dirt on your face. You should know when you deserve better and she does.
For Trina – First of all, her man needs to be in rehab or an institution. I think he has mental issues. He put a tracking device in her car! And he always acting paranoid! I know she has a college degree and all but she cannot make him take his meds! She has too much going for herself. She is fly, she is pretty and she can do better.

Lastly, Tamar revealed that while Vince did have blood a clot in his lung, he is doing much better now. 

The “Braxton Family Values” airs on Thursdays on WeTV.


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