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Toni Braxton Speaks Out On Family Beef, Dating her Ex-Husband and Caucasian Men!

Toni Braxton has recently set the record straight regarding the rumors surrounding about her sisters and her love life. In a recent interview with, Braxton, who has been absent from the promotional run for ‘Braxton Family Values,’ says she “loves her family,” insisting there isn’t any grudges between them. Come inside to read more…………………..

“I’m a little disappointed about what’s on the blogs, and people thinking that I don’t want to help my sisters, or that I want to make them perpetual backup singers,” Braxton told Essence. “People have to remember that this is a reality show and some things are done for entertainment. I love my family, I’ll do anything for them. It makes me not want to do a reality show anymore because I wouldn’t want anyone to look at my family and me in a negative light.” 

As far as missing promotional dates for the new season Braxton adds: “Because I was sick. I don’t want to have to always tell people I’m sick because then they’ll relate it to Lupus. I had a terrible flu, but I still did ‘The Wendy Williams Show.’ After that I had to go to Russia. So that was the situation — I wasn’t feeling well.” 

Braxton also touched on her relationship with ex-husband Keri Lewis, saying they went on a few dates but also says she’s been dating a snowflake. 

“We’ve gone out on a few dates, I’m not gonna deny that,” Braxton says about her ex-husband. When you have kids with a person, and you really love a person, but you realize that being together is not an option right now… In the end, we definitely still love each other, and we go on dates. He’s a great dad, a great friend, very sexy, we’re doing good. It’s difficult to talk about it though.” 

We’re sure Lewis isn’t too happy with his ex-wife dating other men and Braxton has made it clear that she’s been stepping out, insisting she’s been dating a “Caucasian guy.” 

“I went on a few dates with a Caucasian guy, super nice, super cute, super sexy,” says Braxton. “We’ve just been on a few dates, he’s not my man, we’re not gonna get married. I’m just trying something different. He’s yummy. Who knew vanilla tasted so good? I would definitely date another Caucasian guy.” 

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