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Tyler Perry’s “For Better Or Worse” Sneak Peek [Video]

Tyler Perry has released a trailer for his new TBS sitcom, “For Better or Worse,” Everyone’s favorite dysfunctional couple is back in Tyler Perry’s new sitcom. Based on characters from the 2007 filmWhy Did I Get Married?, the show revolves around Angela (Tasha Smith) and Marcus (Michael Jai White) who give new meaning to the saying “Love hurts.”  Adding conflict is Marcus’ bitter ex-girlfriend (and baby mama) Keisha, who is hell bent on splitting up Angela and Marcus, and will use any means necessary to do so.
As with most Tyler Perry productions, it seems there may be a lesson or two to learn from tidbits of wisdom dispensed here and there among the comedy.
Fans of Tyler’s work, who don’t mind a side sermon along with their entertainment, likely won’t be disappointed when the series premieres on TBS November 25 9PM EST/8c.
Watch trailer below:


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