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50 Cent’s – “They Burned Me” [New Music Video]

50 Cent gets a litte personal in his new music video for “They Burned Me” which doubles as a metaphor for his relationship with his baby mama. Come inside to see the video……………..
The video that really lets fans into his life, the “They Burned Me” clip covers the fire that destroyed 50 Cent’s Long Island home, his relationships with his son and the fallout from breaking up with his son’s mother.
On the track he raps,
“She called the cops on me cause I don’t love her like I used to…” and, “My son love me but she try to poison his mind”
So what made him make a video so personal?
The rapper said on twitter,
“They burned me, I held on to that long time its personal but now everyone can see it. I’m over the issues on it I write better when I’m pain.”
See the full video below:


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