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Did Drake Tattooed A Pic Of Aaliyah On His Back??!!

Did rapper Drake profess his love for Aaliyah by getting her face INKED on his back? Apparently Drake’s not cool with face tattoos, because he flipped out on the Tattoo artist and the women who did the drake tat on her forehead. Im just saying what if Aaliyah was around, how would he feel if she reacted in the same way he did? Come inside to check out the pic………………….

but in drakes case, doing a tattoo on other body parts are fine. 

The rapper (shown on the far right) got a photo of what folks are saying is Aaliyah (with wings near her forehead) tattooed on his back. You may remember Drizzy had a serious crush on the singer.

At least it wasn’t on his forehead.

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