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Dollicia Bryan Confirms She’s DATING DRAKE!

The video vixen Dollicia Bryan seems to rarely be without a man.  And her newest love is rapper Drake.  Cue the emotional verses we know he’s already working on with a few “Doll” name drops.
Come inside to see what’s up with these two…………

A rep for Dollicia Bryan said: Yes they are officially dating and They’re both in L.A. right now spending the Holidays together.”  Now, we all know Drake falls really quick for any chick that he’s very attracted to , and after they break up with him, theres always a song to follow.
Anyhow the twosome met early this year at Doll’s birthday party in January (pictured directly above).  Which her then-boyfriend Hill Harper attended as well.  Drake stopped by because his DJ was DJ’ing the event.
The relationship with Hill must have gone downhill from there, because Drake and Dollicia got close at Doll’s recent SMOOTH magazine cover party (pictured at top of post together).
Dollicia was rumored just this week to be dating Kim K.‘s ex Kris Humphries –but that’s false.  She has dated, though,Hill Harper, Bow Wow, Rob Kardashian, and few others.
The couple hit up Saddle Ranch in L.A. yesterday where Drake Instagramed this pic of Doll flexing Cotton Candy eating skills:
Drake just shot the new Mary J. Blige‘s video for “Mr. Wrong” yesterday in L.A. as well with scenes of him added in.  He wasn’t available to shoot the original video which already premiered last week


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