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Former NY Congressman Anthony Weiner Wanted Threesome With Another “Man”, Says Mistress!

The disgraced former New York CongressmanAnthony Weiner was caught in online scandal with numerous women, but Radar has learned that according to one of his mistresses, he expressed wanting a threesome – with another man. Come inside to read more……….

In old conversation excerpts from mistress Traci Nobles‘ proposal for a tell-all book, the former politician brings up the topic of “3 ways” and reveals that the idea of being with another man is a turn on.
“I’m not really talking about other chicks… How about with another guy?” Weiner asked Nobles.
“Hmmmm, haven’t done it before,” Nobles said.
“It can be hot,” Weiner replies.
“Are you turned on by other guys?” Nobles asked.
“Well it depends on the guy, but generally yes,” Weiner divulges.
The Georgia-native Nobles has been shopping around a juicy tell-all book about her online romps with Weiner, 47, since news of the scandal broke and he resigned.
The threesome between Weiner and Nobles never came to fruition, and his downfall came in May 2011 when he sent a lewd photo of himself to one of his 21-year-old Twitter followers, which posted for the world to see and exposed his online secret.
“Anthony’s not gay though,” an insider told Reporters “He’s just very open sexually.” LOL!!
Weiner’s wife gave birth to a bouncing baby boy, Jordan Zane Weiner, on December 21.


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