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Herman Cain “SUSPENDS” 2012 Presidential Campaign! [Video]

Herman Cain  “Republican Presidential candidate”, who has taken the lead a few times in the polls, has suspended his Presidential campaign. Come inside for more details…………………………..

As the Cainwreck rolled into Atlanta today, Presidential semi-hopeful donned his sunglasses as he spoke to his supporters.  And his wife was on stage to support him.

As new allegations of a possible 13-year affair with a woman named Ginger White have emerged, Hermain Cain’s campaign has taken hit after hit. So he has decided to suspend his 2012 campaign for the White House with lack of funding, sagging poll ratings, lack of foreign policy knowledge, and bad staffing cited among his major issues.No clue what “suspending” your campaign means.  Maybe he thinks everyone will forget about all his allegations until he decides to come back.  Or if he is planning to come back at all.


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