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Hey, Small Business Owner’s! Let’s Make Some Magic!

Open 25 Hours

I’m now offering ad spaces for small businesses!

I know how many of you have small businesses of your own. 
You are an industrious lot & I love you for it! The holidays are here, 
and it’s prime time for all retailers. I know my readers & they LOVE 
to buy handmade! We are ALL Etsy addicts! Why not make it really 
easy for them to find you & use you as the source for all their gifts 
& good cheer?! Come inside to read more……
Well, this morning I created a space on my site designed exactly 
for people like you. You know that promotion is important—but it 
can be expensive. Allow me to remove that obstacle! My aim was to 
make it INSANELY affordable, & I think some people are going to 
think I am nuts for pricing it so low… I don’t care, though! I know 
how hard it can be to find an audience which matches your own, and 
I want to make it easy for you to make a mint!

I’m so excited to announce this, because it has been percolating in 
the back of my head for the longest time!

The details:
How much? The spaces are $2/day and get 2 extra day for free!, 
and you can claim it for as many days as you like—up to 30.
How big? The ads are sized at 125px by 125px. See sample below:
Where will it be? Your ad will be in the right sidebar, underneath 
where it says SUPPORTSMALL BUSINESSES! We even have 1 space 
for a Top banner Ad.
Why should I do this? gets almost 50,000, hits/month 
and we only started 7 months ago—& my readers are amazing. 
Exactly the kind of people you want to know about your product. 
Plus we are growing and we want you to grow with us in the process.
The kicker? I only have 8 slots. So if you want it, come & get it!
UPDATE! I have 8 slots! I’m delighted to say i cant guarantee you 
that these slots will last, and again I can’t bear to turn everyone away, 
so I have opened up more spaces. Yay! Thank you so much for your enthusiasm!
Don’t just take it from me!

“I’ve done several promotions on , and the 
results have always blown me away. First off- there’s the 
sheer volume of hits they send me- thousands and thousands 
of uniques a day. But, more than quantity, there’s quality. 
Gossipwelove fans are a sparkly, tight-knit community that 
love and believe in there work. If you’re lucky enough to 
do a promotion on, you tap into that 
good will. Promotions on gossipwelove have netted me 
passionate fan letters, wildly creative responses, and 
new fans from all over the world. Working with them 
gives you big results for an affordable price.”

Crystal Anderson
All you need to do is choose how many days you’d like your 
ad to run, upload your image (something colourful & captivating 
is best!), & submit your link. Then click Preview or Buy! 
It’s THAT simple!
Got questions? Hit me up via email or on Twitter
Let’s Cheers to insanely profitable holidays!

Founder & Editor


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