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Jason Trawick Is Ready To Propose To Britney Spears Tonight In Vegas!

Jason Trawick is ready get down on one knee and pop the question to Britney Spears!
Sources close to the couple tells reporters that Trawick has already purchased and taken delivery of a diamond bauble for Spears, and he is expected to ask for her hand in marriage any day now. Come inside to read more……………..

While Trawick accompanied Spears during the final stage of her Femme Fatale tour, the singer’s former manager sent one of his pals in to pick up the ring that he selected for his girlfriend of several years a few months ago.
“Don’t expect anything too massive or obnoxious,” the source explained  “This ring will be classy and under 4-carats.”

Multiple sources who are definitely in the know say Jason plans to pop the question tonight in Las Vegas. We’re also told that Britney knows they’re getting engaged, so it’s not going to be a big surprise. Britney’s conservators have given their stamp of approval.  The matter will go before the judge in the conservatorship case but it’s virtually certain that spears will get the judge’s sign off.
Jason also went a head and did it the old fashioned way by asking Britney’s dad, Jamie Spears, for permission to marry his daughter. And they’re also doing it the new-fashioned way [PRENUP]!!!
Just don’t expect wedding bells any time soon! 
But before that could all go down, Britney and Jason are waiting until several lawsuits against her are settled until they make things official.


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