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Jennifer Lopez Buys Her New Boo Casper A Bentley! [Photos]

He must be doing something good, NO i stand corrected, He must be doing something great in bed to get a BENTLEY!! Most women love to be wined and dined and spoiled with exotic gifts but the tables have turned in J. Lo’s new relationship!  Lopez  24 year old boy toy and back up dancer Casper Smart has hit the jack pot as J. Lo recently gave him a brand new drop top Bentley to drive.   Come inside to check out the photos……………………..

Even though he has had several run ins with the law in the past for drag racing and driving without a valid license, J. Lo hasn’t completely lost her marbles.  He’s only allowed to drive the car during their courtship (meaning when she decides he’s finished – she takes the car back…and he’ll probably be without a paycheck too), however he gets to use the whip for personal use as well.
Damn, Christmas is coming early around these parts.  These young boys have Cougars losing their minds. Meanwhile, Marc Anthony can’t be taking this too well seeing as though they just split in July. At least there’s room in the back for the baby seats…
Check out pics of the whip below:
Yeah, i bet you love her more now, dont you? lol

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