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Kim Kardashian Calling Kris Humphries Gay on ‘Star’ Cover!

Numerous rumors have hit headlines regarding Kim K’s split from Kris Humphries. Most of these stories have been relatively harmless tales of personality and ego conflicts, but this week’s tabloids see the entire divorce and annulment taking a different turn. Some sources are reporting that Kim Kardashian has accused Kris Humphries of being gay. Come inside to read more……………………..

According to reports Star magazine’s latest issue carries the headline of “Kim’s Bombshell: Kris is Gay!” The tabloid magazine further alleges that Kris wouldn’t “touch” Kim after their honeymoon and that Khloe may or may not have seen damaging evidence of Kris’ sexuality.
Kris’ camp has vehemently denied the rumor and said that the story is “completely false and ridiculous. He is not gay.” Kris has been on both sides of gay rumors this week as he accused Kim Kardashian’s friend Jonathan Cheban of being gay. Maybe these rumors about Kris are merely a case of what goes around comes around.
However, there is no guarantee that Kim Kardashian actually said that Kris was gay. Starmagazine is a tabloid that isn’t noted for its 100 percent accuracy when it comes to reporting the news. Given that Kim has been trying to keep a low profile, this rumor is likely a bit of a reach despite its appearance on the publication’s cover.
What do you think? Did Kim really call Kris gay or is this just a case of overreaching reporting?


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