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Kim Kardashian Paid $600K for New Years Eve Appearance!

Clubs role out the big bucks for celebrities to make an appearance at their venue on New Years Eve, one of the biggest party nights of the year.
Kim Kardashian is the winner of the year, commanding an astonishing $600,000 to appear at Tao nightclub in Las Vegas.
Katy Perry was also asking $250,000 to appear at a venue, but not perform. No one has taken her up on the offer as of yet.
In Las Vegas, the Black Eyed Pea Fergie is earning about $100,000 for playing the new 1Oak at the Mirage Hotel and Casino, reportsThe New York Post.

New mom Mariah Carey had also been shopping an appearance that would include a few songs, anywhere in the world, for $500,000. However, her rep says she’s “spending the holidays with her family in Aspen.”


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