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“Love & Hip-Hop” Star Yandy Saying: “Producers SET UP The Fights & I’m NOT Don King!” + Jim Puts A Ring On It?!

In an exclusive interview with TheYBF, the NY native Yandy tells her side of the story and says, “I am not the Don King of Reality TV.” Yandy Smith, the hard-working (ex) manager of rapper Jim Jones feels like she’s getting a bad rap this season of “Love & Hip Hop.” 
Okay, well i personally think chrissy needs to grow up. I love her as a fan but come on girl, quit the BS and put the past and petty stuff behind you.
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She’s the common third party in the TWO major fights of the season (Chrissy vs. KimbellaKimbella vs. Erica Mena).  Yandy tells us, though, she was justas blindsided as everybody else. And the producers controlled who she brought around the rest of the cast…and set up the scenario which would very likely cause a fight.  Are the producers setting her up to be the bad guy? Hmmmmm……………you decide.  Here’s our chat:
See the what was asked in the interview below:
Now you have been the common denominator between both fights involving Kimbella and other cast members.  What’s up with that and why do you keep bringing new people around?
Yandy: What you have to understand is that you don’t just bring who you want. It’s very real…..but situational. They tell you who to bring and it’s very set up. If I come to an event with someone, its because that’s who they told me to bring.  The night before the fight, I had just met Erica. They (the producers) introduced her to me. She said she had researched me and she really wanted to work with me because she wanted to get in the industry. And during dinner, she even mentioned Kimbella’s name in passing when talking about my other clients.  And she was telling me that she’s not like anyone I have ever worked with and I kinda liked her vibe.  But the way it was edited, it looks like she was dissing Kimbella during dinner and then they showed us high-fiving!  Now….why would I go to dinner with this girl and let her talk about my friend and then, the next day, bring her to a lunch Kimbella invited me too?  
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Watch a sneak peek of next week’s episode below: Plus Jim Finally Puts A Ring On It!


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