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NeNe’s Leakes’ Ex & NFL Player Charles Grant ARRESTED For Fraudulent Checks!!

This may explain why “Real Housewives of Atlanta” newcomer Marlo Hampton hasn’t been rocking her engagement ring.  Her man (and co-star NeNe Leakes‘ ex she still doesn’t claim) Charles Grant was arrested last week for writing bad checks! Come inside to read more………………………………….

Charles Grant, 33, and former N.O. Saints and Chicago Bears player who appeared as newcomer Marlo’s man on Sunday night’s episode of RHOA, was arrested last week in Colquitt, GA on felony charges of writing bad checks. Seeing that these ARE felony charges, the checks were likely for a serious amount of cash.
Interesting that Marlo was caught up in the same thing herself a few times before.  Hmmm….
Wonder if Charles regrets saying about NeNe that he “took that piece back to the hotel” because he wanted nothing to do with her.  Since she’s “very rich” and all she could have helped him out.  NeNe posted on her Bravo blog this week about the snippy behavior at Peter‘s Bar 1 opening and Charles complaining that she didn’t speak to him:
I spoke to those I wanted to speak to and those who didn’t get a hello knew why. I spoke to as many guests as possible and had a couple glasses of wine. Bar One is a beautiful lounge in a nice location. These girls will not give credit where it’s due, because their goal is to tear you down and put out false information, just as they tried to do with me, Gregg, and Charles. But that didn’t work either!
Bravo reported that the show got 3.3 million total viewers. And Season 4 is up 27% from last season. 
Also Word on the street is that NeNe’s nemesis Sheree is in hot water.  The contractor of “Chateau Sheree” is allegedly a fraud and has been issued a cease & desist letter.  No surprise there.  Never thought for a minute Sheree “I-got-my-Aston Martin-reposessed” Whitfield was about to build this mansion from the ground up.
In the Meanwhile, NeNe is supposedly filming an upcoming episode of “Glee.”



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  1. Anonymous

    December 8, 2011 at 4:06 am

    Marlo Hampton really picked a winner. Perhaps that's why Charles is so bitter towards NeNe, he's broke and she's "VERY RICH BIT**"!
    Teamm NENE!

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