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Olivia Gets A Reality Check From Sony Records Executive! [Video]

On the next episode of “Love and Hip-Hop” singer Olivia gets a rude awakening from Sony Music A&R Wayne Williams about her recording career. Come inside to read more…………………………….

After Olivia says that her last song “December” did “really well” Wayne totals up all of the radio spins she received on the song and had to give her hard dose of reality.
“It clearly shows the record wasn’t a hit,that’s important for you to know,” he says bluntly. “2,767 spins all together, that’s not a lot. If I go into my label meeting and I say I’ve got Olivia their eyes are gonna roll.”
We guess those five million views of the video on Youtube don’t count? I feel like she has been dissing Somaya Reece alot even when the girl is trying to put the bad blood between in past. I love olivia but girl, never heat on someone’s hustle cause you can be walking on high sticks today and tomorrow you’d be on the ground.
Watch the clip below:

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