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Rihanna RELEASES “You Da One” Still + Is She “Prego” Or Sick?!! [VIDEO]

Rihanna has just released a still from her upcoming Melina-directed clip for “You Da One.” See the photo inside and find out why Riri run off stage during a recent concert in Portugal to throw up!…. Come inside to read more………………..

Rihanna recently released a still from the set off her Melina-directed “You Da One” video…and it’s probably going to upset a few people.
In the photo, it shows the pop star exhaling smoke….implying she might have been smoking!
She recently tweeted,
you know im already in trouble 4 this but, i like to keep yall in the loop
Also On Friday, Rihanna got sick on stage, though you would not have known it until a fan OUTED on Twitter!
Kay (@SuchAF_cKnLADY) said,
LMFAOOOOOO RIHANNA WAS LIKE YALL SOUND SOO GOOOD *runs* Rihanna – What’s My Name? – Live Portugal
Rihanna answered back saying,
yep! i ran off stage to throw up, halfway thru Whats My Name…made it back juuuust in time for RudeBoy
Watch the video (without the actual “vomit”) here:

Maybe its food poisoning??


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