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Send in Your Greetings!

The G.W.L team would like to extend a “Merry Christmas!” wish to all military personnels and their families including our devoted readers…LOVE YOU ALL.  With it being the Christmas season and because many families are separated due to military service whether stateside or abroad, we would like to help families and military to send a Christmas message to their loved ones.  Come inside to read more……….

The general public may participate in sending a little Christmas cheer and love to our military, family and friends or whether it be greetings to the military in general.   Messages to our veterans, those who have served and are no longer active duty,  or a memorial to a loved one who has given the ultimate sacrifice are also welcome.

Simply send your greeting along with a picture if you wish to and it will be published on G.W.L, Zimbio, Whosay and alot more popular media sites.   These special messages will be available for viewing through January. 
G.W.L thanks all military for their service and their families for the sacrifices they make while protecting our freedoms and fighting for those who have not yet tasted freedom.  
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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