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The War Is OVER!?! President Obama REVEALS The Last American Convoy Has EXITED Iraq!

After nearly nine long years, CBS News reported last night that the war in Iraq is officially over as the last U.S. troops left the country shouting and cheering as they crossed the border into Kuwait. President Obama said early on in his term that it was his mission to pull troops out of Iraq, bring our soldiers home and end the war that took at least 4,500 American (32,000 wounded) and 100,000 Iraqi lives (possibly many many more). Come inside to read more…..
Almost $800 billion later, the question still remains: what’s going to happen to Iraq now?
Saturday evening, president Obama welcomed the troops home during his weekly radio and internet address, saying that it was their service that says a lot about the character of America. 

In a statement on his website, President Obama said, 
Early this morning, the last of our troops left Iraq. As we honor and reflect on the sacrifices that millions of men and women made for this war, I wanted to make sure you heard the news. Bringing this war to a responsible end was a cause that sparked many Americans to get involved in the political process for the first time. Today’s outcome is a reminder that we all have a stake in our country’s future, and a say in the direction we choose.
Thank you. 
Although nearly 170,000 American soldiers were on the 500 bases across the country, only around 150 U.S. soldiers will remain after Dec. 31 at the U.S. Embassy near the Tigris River.
Our thanks go out to all of our soldiers for their hardwork and dedication. 


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