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X Factor’s Rachel Crow Wants To Take Care Of Sick Dad; “Disney” Wants Her + Many Offers Also, Says Family Member! [Details Inside]

Rachel Crow‘s shocking elimination on Thursday night’s X Factor isn’t going to stop her drive for fame and fortune because she’s determined to take care of her sick father. Come inside to read more………………….

Rachel, 13, was adopted by Barbara and Kelly Crow when she was a baby and has made no secret of her family’s struggle — but according to one family member, has kept her father’s medical condition a secret.
“Rachel’s dad has MS (multiple sclerosis) and he can’t drive his truck because of it, so he’s not going to be able to always work,” a close family member who wishes to remain anonymous told reporters.
“I think Rachel probably feels pressure to take care of her parents. She’s seen how hard they work and how hard it is to make a dollar.”
And on top of her dad’s illness, the family has had to experience the X Factor whirlwind all while trying to mourn the loss of her grandfather who recently passed away.
“The family hasn’t had it easy. Rachel’s grandfather just passed away three or four months ago and she had to go through all of this without having time to grieve,” the family member revealed.
Plus Disney is already knocking on Rachel’s door and wants to make her a star, but they’re not the only ones after the talented teenager.
“Nickelodeon and Disney have both approached her,” the family member said.
“We can confirm a general meeting is planned with her and Disney Channel executives,” a Disney spokesperson tells us.
“Rachel is amazing but I just want her to keep her Christian beliefs,” the family member says.  “I’ve told her to just keep her beliefs and remember where she came from.”
Finally, the family member says that above all, Rachel just wants to “be an inspiration and help others.”
In-case you missed it, Watch the clip of Rachel’s elimination below:

Also, i want to just say “Rachel” you’re a star and you where on X factor for a reason, So Please dont think thats the end baby girl, ive been where you have, take all in this in because i know you were born to shine…. From 🙂 LOVE YOU!!

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