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Accessories Females Can’t Live Without in 2012!

2012 is gearing up to be a pretty epic year- I don’t know if it was the alignment of all the right planets, or the fact that there’s like a 17.8% chance of this “the world is ending” rumor being true that’s causing everyone to be extra awesome. Whatever it is, life’s good, and here are the things we can all afford to invest in to look our best.

1. Smell good, girl! We’re totally in love with Versace Yellow Diamond around here. It’s some delish combo of warm notes with refreshing notes in the back. Perfect for every glam gal, and it’s got diamond right there in the name. Who doesn’t love that?

2. Good skin might just be your best accessory. We love this Sibu serum. It’s loaded with vitamin C, goes on lighter than a feather, helps clear up pigmentation issues, and layers fabulously well under richer creams for winter.
3. Good hair makes everyone hotter, that’s scientific fact. Even if you already have perfect skin, eyes, and fashion you can’t help but look hotter when your hair is shiny, manageable, and healthy looking. We’re totally in love with Paul Labrecque’s Repair line- it infuses hair with moisturizing nutrients that’ll leave your sex-appeal soaring past the Empire State Building.
4. Patterned shoes, baby! If you need to invest in a new pair of pumps, make ‘em patterned. Pick colors you love (any colors, really). The trend here is bright, printed shoes. Try something bold and exciting like yellows, oranges, purples and pinks. These Carlos by Carlos Santana are super affordable at under $90… at that price you can pick up all the colors you love.
5. Bright silks are all the rage. If you’re investing in your patterned shoes already, try picking up a silk chiffon scarf by Miguelina as well. They’re available in bright orange, yellow, and pink and are slightly sheer. You know what that means? You can layer them over each other and wear the traditional way (as a scarf), or around your waist as a sash to accent a plain dress, wrapped around a purse handle, or even as a totally glam head wrap with a pair of Audrey-esque sunglasses.
6. Show us your wood, darling. Wood accessories are super fun, hard to ruin, eco-friendly, and ummmm… hello, easy on the wallet. We’re in love with these faceted Love Mert pieces. And heck, you can fib a little, you totally got it “on vacation.”
7. Vintage Inspiration. Alberto Juan has a way of taking old, interesting ideas and making them fresh, modern, approachable, and totally chic. Try accenting your super modern wardrobe with his vintage-inspired jewelry. His Gucci-ish pieces will leave you brimming with happiness and delight.
8. It’s a wrap! An easy, peasy wrap like this convertible dress from Avon is a total must-have in your 2012 wardrobe. There are a million ways to wear it as a conventional dress, but it’s also a great beach cover, or can be layered with a bold, bright silk top to look like a skirt. Try it with Chanel flats, high wedges, or combined with a tall brown leather boot and warm caramel colored sweater for an early-Spring look.
BONUS: if you’ve got extra cash to spare for jewels this season, try investing in a piece by Mi Asunta
Each piece is handmade and incorporates real, vintage components. LOVE.


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