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Amber Rose Former Publicist Claims She Steal’s From Kanye & Calls Her Lies About Kanye “Repugnant”!

Amber Rose‘s former publicist is putting her thieving ways on full BLAST.  Janero Marchand claims the stripper turned “model” stole money from him and others.  And once Janero told Kanye West that Amber was stealing from him–THAT is what led to their break up. 

Janero made some serious allegations today against his former client Amber Rose.  He tweeted about not only introducing Amber to Kanye (whom he worked closely with behind the scenes), but about Amber stealing Janero’s “agent” cut when he booked her for ‘Ye’s “Robocop” video.  She got paid $100,000 for the video, and he claims she stole HIS 20% cut as well!  And was plotting to steal from Kanye too.

“Set the record straight. Yes, I introduced Amber Rose to Kanye West for the “Robocop” video. She stole my 20% of her $100,000 for the video.
Amber & her brother Antonio were going to Hawaii plotting & stealing money from Kanye. I didn’t want anything to do with it so YES I told Ye. That is the real reason they broke up. I will speak more on it in my [documentary], The Michael Jordan of Models: This Is Janero drops in Feb. 2012.
I’ve silenced myself long enough and I’m just tired of Amber’s lies. If she tries to refute what I say. I have emails to back up everything. Kanye is a good person & it’s not right what Amber is doing to him.”

Now, why didn’t he make these claims a few weeks ago when Amber made the initial Kardashian comment, you may ask. It probably wasn’t close enough to his Feb 2012 documentary release date. The funniest part is, he was just tweeting about how great church was 11 hours before all of this.
He also tweeted an image of an email from Amber going off on him, calling him a snitch and saying he didn’t even introduce her to Kanye: The email read:

I will make sure everyone I know will not work with you b*tch! How dear you be in the studio with Kanye and talk mad sh*t about me! Are you f*cking crazy? I cried days for you Janero!!!!! I will make sure your blacklisted b*tch! I trusted you and you backstabbed me you aint sh*t but a fake Phony ass b*tch ass faggot ass Sn*tch! I trusted you and you back stabbed my worst then anyone ever! Then you talk about trusting a stripper? F*ck you Janero! You gossip like a faggot. Stay the f*ck away from me b*tch and please don’t bother to apologize cause it’s a wrap!

And why that “Robocop” video never got released, Janero revealed:
“The “Robocop” video never got released because of Amber’s infidelity. It was put on hold and never released after Kanye caught Amber cheating. Kanye to this day thanked me for my honesty.
He continued: “Once I told Kanye the truth, he later caught Amber red handed when she accidentally called an ex of hers with him on the phone. He wrote a song about it called “Blame Game”.
Need more details?  Janero is set to release his documentary, “The Michael Jordan of Models: This Is Janero,” in February where the Amber/Kanye story will be discussed in detail. 
Amber’s reps have not yet responded to a request for statement.

Wow Amber…  And the gay community hates the Fa**ot word….you have just made yourself some more enemies…


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