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Aretha Franklin REVEALS Wedding Plans + TALKS ABOUT Affair With Late Night Talk Show Host!

The Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin is in love and ready to share it with all her fans. During a recent interview, she talked about beauWillie AND revealed she once had an affair with a late night talk show host…..but who?  Was it Tavis Smiley? Arsenio?  Jimmy Kimmel??  
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Read the highlights of the interview below:
On why she’s getting married again at 69: 
“I like being married. It’s an institution that I like. .So momentarily I don’t see any reason why I shouldn’t be married. I need taking care of a little more, I think. Let someone else be strong. Sometimes what you’re looking for is already there.”
On planning the wedding: 
“You know I am very hands-on. There is no way in the world anyone else could do my wedding other than myself, along with whomever I select to do various things.”
On how Willie proposed: 
“We were … just kind of talking along those lines, and then it got very serious. I just said, `Is that a proposal?’ and he said `yes.’ And that’s how that happened; we just kind of talked into it.”
On the wedding dress:
“I’d love to see what they [Donna Karan and Vera Wang] would do custom for me, without me saying anything. They’re known for kick butt (dresses).”
On the location:
“I’m kind of leaning that way [“the exclusive Hamptons”] because it’s closer to home, and more friends could get there easily.”
On her dream performers: 
“I would love to have Smokey (Robinson) sing, my dearest, oldest friend [along with gospel singer Karen Clark and Stevie Wonder].”
On her previous relationship and affair BEFORE Willie:
“We had an intimate affair. (He was) one of America’s late-night talk-show hosts. At this point I’m thrilled it didn’t (work), and what I was looking for was already here.  We’re very compatible, and he supports me and I support him a lot, and he has given me specialized attention that I don’t think I’ve received from anyone else. I receive a lot of male attention, but Will is more special than all the rest.
Congrats to you both!


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