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Brandy: I Miss My Friendship with Kim Kardashian & I Want to Fix It!

Kimmy Cakes might have it a lil rough on set today.  The fake wedding star is set to come face to face with the orginal fake wedding star, and sister of the man who made her famous. But when Brandy tells Wendy Williams that she misses her friendship with Kim Kardashian, I know you’re probably saying what’s gotten into her?!
We can all remember the bad things Kim did to Brandy. Let me  recall incased you forgot, the Norwood family sued Kim  for stealing and using Brandy’s mother’s credit card without permission. 

According to sources, Kim reportedly stole a big chunk of money ($120,000) from Brandy and leaked the infamous sex tape featuring Brandy’s brother, Ray J which put Kim’s name in the spotlight. There were rumors that Brandy demanded that Kim should be kept away from her during the taping for Tyler Perry’s, The Marriage Counselor.

But it all turns out to be a false story (well, only the rumor part) when Brandy said that she’ll be there if Kim needs her.
Brandy also stated that she can’t wait to see Kim and try to say something, perhaps that she loves her. Wendy told Brandy to turn to the camera and to tell Kim how she really feels.
About the rumor, she cleared up saying that she didn’t see Kim on the set because they didn’t have any scenes together, not that she did not want to see Kim around.

Check out the video for below:

But is there a reason Brandy is trying to restore her friendship with Kim Kardashian?


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