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Casey Anthony Offered $350k For First Interview!

Casey Anthony’s web videos have caused a renewed interest in the notorious ‘Tot Mom’ and learned that a website has offered her an enormous sum for her first post jail sit down interview.
Nik Lamas-Richie, founder of the website The Dirty, has offered Casey Anthony a whopping $350,000 for an interview, according to a source close to the situation.
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While the big four networks have refused to pay Casey for an interview, citing the backlash of groups across the country who are threatening to boycott anyone that gives Casey money for an interview, The Dirty apparently has no qualms about shelling out big bucks for the exclusive get.
According to the source, who has seen details of the deal, Casey would be a guest on Nik Richie Radio and the interview would be a one-on-one and would be “pre-recorded” and would be videotaped as well.
As we previously reported, bizarre videos of Casey hit the internet this year where she is showing off her new short blonde hair, a nose ring, and talks about adopting a dog which is “her own.”
She does not once mention her little two-year-old daughter Caylee, who tragically died in 2008, and who Casey was acquitted of murdering in July 2011.
Casey’s lawyers have cited “security concerns” for their client, and she has been in hiding in Florida where she is serving a year’s probation for a previous check fraud conviction.
The offer of $350,000 would be a windfall of cash for Casey, who recently wrote on her probation report that she is unemployed and not generating any income.


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