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Charles Barkley Saying “This Weight Watchers Thing Is The Greatest Scam Going On”!

No Charles, you are not a role model. During a break from commentating on the Miami Heat and Atlanta Hawks game NBA vet and Weight Watchers spokesman Charles Barkley got a little too honest.
Most likely unaware that his mic was still on, Barkley told his colleagues about how motivated he is to stick with the Weight Watchers regiment.

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I’ve been on weight watchers three months, ” he said “I have to lose two pounds a week. I’m at 38 pounds now. They come and weigh me every two weeks. I ain’t never missed a weigh-in. Never going to. I’m feeling much better. But I ain’t giving away no money… I’m not giving away no free money. I thought this was the greatest scam going— getting paid for watching sports — this Weight Watchers thing is a bigger scam.”
We’re going to go out on a limb and say that Charles used a poor choice of words. We think he meantto say that the Weight Watchers gig was easy money, not real work. They are essentially paying him to do something he would (or should) be doing anyway–which is lose weight. He’d be sitting at home watching sports anyway, so getting paid to talk mess on the air is a “scam” as well, using his line of logic. We hope he isn’t obtuse enough to call the company he is currently hawking on television a “scam” or he can kiss that “free money” good-bye.
But Jenifer Hudson is a walking proof charles?!


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