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Gwyneth Paltrow Uses Snake Venom To Look Young + See What She Uses!

We all know ya’ll like to try what celebs use to stay flawless and looking younger, once it has nothing to do with knifes. The 39yr old actress, Gwyneth Paltrow uses snake venom to stay young. And guess what? Now you can, too!
Apparently, this snake venom has a Botox-like affect on human skin where it inhibits muscle activity, thereby preserving your looks. Forget about laugh lines or showing emotions ever again! 

The venom smoothes and prevents wrinkles and happens to be Gwyneth’s favorite potion and facial, allegedly.
At just $450 a pop you can have you very own.
But if you’re looking to get that star glow you’ve been dreaming about for years, but can’t afford to drop four-fitty, check out Sonya Dakar’s brilliant Skincare Ultraluxe-9 Age Control Complex below. It’s very affordable.
Sonya Dakar’s brilliant Skincare Ultraluxe-9 Age Control Complex.
SOURCE: @refinery29
So would you use snake venom on your skin? 


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