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Jane Fonda’s Shocking Bisexual Confessions!

Having enjoyed tremendous success as a stage and screen actress, in recent years Jane Fonda has focused much of her time on activism and social change. Jane Fonda is now confessing that she has both lesbian and straight attractions.

If given the choice, the movie legend with several plastic surgery facelifts would rather be stranded on a deserted island with a woman than with any of the many men she’s loved throughout the years. More details below………………

In a recent interview with Piers Morgan, the 74-year-old was asked who – out of all of her past lovers, not including current partner/music producer Richard Perry – she would take to a deserted island.

Jane instantly answered and stunned Piers by saying: “It would be my girlfriends.”

She continued: “I have a lover and I’m real, real happy. But I wouldn’t particularly want to go to a desert island (with him).

“Women have a whole network of nurturing, emotional relationships.

“And in terms of longevity, put me on a desert island with a bunch of women friends!”

When asked if she’d remake her futuris­tic 1968 film Barbarella with Robert Redford, she told Piers not with Red­ford but she would do it again with Angelina Jolie.

“The most intense relationships Jane’s ever had in her life have been with women,” a friend explained to National Enquirer.

“She loves men, too. But her bonds with women have been much stronger…and longer-lasting.”

In another interview when pressed for details about her famous love life, including rumors she was gay or bisexual, Jane responded: “Look, can’t we leave something to the imagination? Frankly, I’ve probably done everything.”

All i can say is, you’re such a naughty girl jane! 🙂



  1. Anonymous

    July 12, 2012 at 4:44 pm

    Why is it so shocking that she has a love for women??? Many women have had female affairs. I guess people would be stunned to know how many famous women had an eye for other pretty women. Its a fact, in this day and age more and more women are being more liberal in their sex lives and having a more fulfilled sex life. Its just normal!

  2. Anonymous

    January 1, 2014 at 9:55 pm

    For some reason, a woman being "Bi" makes them more attractive to most men.

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