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Jay-Z Reveals That Beyonce Had A Miscarriage Before Blue Ivy Was Born!

Beyonce just gave birth to her first child, Blue Ivy, and proud father Jay-Z already has a birthday present for her — a song dedicated to his new daughter, in which he reveals the couple suffered a miscarriage.
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In a new song released Monday aptly titledGlory, Jay-Z triumphantly raps to Blue, “Words can’t describe what I’m feeling for real… My greatest creation was you.”
But the 42-year-old first-time father also reveals the tragedy and trials he and Beyoncé went through before having Blue Ivy, namely a miscarriage.
“False alarms and false starts… All made better by the sound of your heart… All the pain of the last time,” he raps.
“Last time the miscarriage was so tragic.”
Jay-Z also kept the song light adding in some cheesiness rapping, “You’re a child of destiny… You’re the child of my destiny… You’re my child with the child from destiny’s child… That’s a hell of recipe… Glory, glory, glory sorry.”
In-case you missed it, listen to the end and you can even get your first listen of little baby Blue Ivy crying.


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