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Jennifer Williams & Evelyn Lozada’s Not Friends Because Of Nene Leakes?

The drama that has unfolded between Basketball Wives Stars Evelyn and Jennifer over the past few months seems like the drama you’d expect from two high school girls. They went from baller wive besties to ‘Oh, I can’t stand that bish!’ and Evelyn recently took it a step further, before it was you a None MuthaF***ing Factor, and now when she decided to sell ‘Bitch You Ain’t In The Circle‘ t-shirts on her website. She’s always doing that, I guess she’s just all about the paper.

But what caused the fall out in the first place?

Jennifer Williams & Nene Leakes
Although, it appeared that their friendship drama first started when Jen questioned Ochocinco’s intentions for dating Evelyn during a radio interview, Jen tells Sister 2 Sister that the real reason the two fell out was because Evelyn is jealous of her relationship with her new friends, including Nene Leakes.

Let me tell you what she’s mad over ‘cause this always comes up. She hates the fact that I’m really good friends with NeNe Leakes, and she hates the fact that me and Mashonda are good friends. I feel like it’s all coming from a place of hurt, and she’s turning it into anger.
Why do you care who I’m friends with? Like, that’s ridiculous. I live in New York. You live in Miami. I don’t care who you hang out with. I’m kinda over it because I just feel like I’m at a point at my life where I’m trying to get rid of negative energy,” she said. “To me, I feel like it’s something so minuscule. It’s not like I slept with Chad. It’s not something irreparable. It’s something stupid that you’re mad over. If you really are mad because I have other friends, I think that’s completely ridiculous. 

I don’t say anything to her, and she doesn’t say anything to me. I think it’s always unfortunate when you have so much history with a person for so long and then something stupid happens.
NeNe is such a good person. I don’t think you really find a lot of people in the same business that you bond with because I feel like everyone is so competitive and everybody is so worried about the next person doing more than them, and it’s not like that with her at all. She’s always trying to encourage me. She’s just always trying to uplift me, and I need people like that around me. I love that about her. There’s no jealousy. There’s no competition. We try to complement each other.
I don’t pick my friends based on if they’re on a TV show or what they do, if they’re a celebrity. [NeNe] and I have something in common, and the same with Mashonda. It’s a real friendship. We don’t have to tweet each other every day. It’s genuine. We really do have a friendship outside of TV and all this.

I believe that it’s going to be very interesting to see how Season 4 of BBW’s play out. Let’s hope the ladies  keep it cordial and keep it moving. [Not]
After all that said and done, Evelyn was not feeling Jen’s latest interview, she just began tweeting:

The drama just keeps on going!


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