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Well, many of us have some New Year’s Resolutions dealing with weight loss, diet denial, signing up for a gym, being with family and getting in a better shape or becoming healthier.  Unfortunately, these resolutions sometimes fail, because we don’t know where to start and we don’t have the necessary incentives. Cafe Well will motivate you to actually do the work.

Most corporations has been offering wellness programs to help their employees live healthier lives, but these are sometimes not as successful as they would like.  Fortunately, Cafe Well has started a new corporate wellness program entitled “Race to the Moon.” Cafe Well is a social network that offers corporate wellness programs that really work.  Their website has information about chronic health conditions, healthy lifestyle tips, weight loss information and more! Just what you and I need to help kick off the weight loss race to better health.

Race to the Moon lets employees track their progress through wireless pedometers.  These pedometers track their steps, keeps track of their progress and even rewards them when they hit certain milestones.  In just under one month, the program has tracked over 50 MILLION steps – that’s 2.5 million steps a day! Race to the Moon encourages social networking to help encourage its members.  You must be member of Health America and signup for Cafe Well to participate.

I love health challenges that start small.  If I were to create my own challenge, it would be an online community that encourages its members to take baby steps.  Too often, we try and do it all at once.  Working on just one thing a week will build habits and provide encouragement for the small milestones reached. And you will see your attitude gradually changed along with your eating habits.

Don’t say you’re gonna do it later, no, go do it now with Cafe Well because it works.

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  1. Carla simpson

    April 28, 2014 at 4:37 pm

    great tips

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