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Katy Perry Divorce Update: Russell Brand Moving Out of Their Hollywood Mansion!

Katy Perry and her soon to be ex-husband Russell Brand have agreed … Katy will stay in the couple’s $6.5 million Hollywood Hills mansion and Russell will move out .

Do you guys notice that gay people are getting married, and never divorced! Omg that goes to show you, that we straight people are not finding the one who’s right for us, because we are too darn busy looking at the exterior and not the interior.

Anyhow More Inside……………………..

According to TMZ:

Sources close to the couple tell us … the moving process is already under way and most of Russell’s stuff is already out of the home. 

I know you probably thinking if these two are really humanbeings?! But yes they are and this goes to show you that people can be civilized, even when they are going through a DIVORCE.


Someone close to the two is saying: Russell and Katy are on reasonably good terms with each other, considering they just broke up … and the decision over the house went pretty smoothly. 

The couple purchased the home together just a few months ago. 

We’re guessing if Katy wants to stay in the home long term, she’ll most likely have to write Russell a big, fat check.


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