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Kim K Is The Face Of [TaxKimK] Campaign To Tax California Millionaires! [Video]

Kim Kardashian might be wishing the Courage Campaign wasn’t keeping up with her finances. The group, which is pushing for a proposed November ballot initiative that would raise the tax percentages by 3-5 percent on California’s millionaires, have debuted a new video centered around the ubiquitous reality TV mogul, and it doesn’t paint her in the best light.
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In the video on their website, Kardashian is seen flaunting her wealth, even shown bragging: “Being on TV has changed my life, because you get lots of free stuff.”
The group tries to illustrate the disparity by pointing out in the video that Kardashian paid 10.3 percent tax on the $12 million she made in 2010, compared to the 9.3 percent those with a middle class income of $47,000 paid out.
“That’s not OK,” the group says, “especially when budget cuts are decimating schools and critical programs for children, the elderly, and the disabled.”
Supporters of the initiative say it would give the Golden State a $6 billion boost to funnel towards the aforementioned causes.
The ad concludes, proclaiming, “Not everyone was born a Kardashian, but we all need to pay our fair share.”
The Kardashian rep did not respond to the AP’s request for a comment regarding the political ad.

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  1. Anonymous

    January 5, 2012 at 1:56 pm

    Who really believes that if she did pay more taxes the government would not waste it? Check out the expense accounts of Nancy Pelosi to begin with. A super-wealthy California resident who is one of the most wasteful of our politicians. Kim earned that money and if she is paying what she is legally required there is no reason for her to have to pay more. If she were to donate to her favorite charities, which I know she does, then that is her extra contribution. I know Husseine Obama has changed the face of our country, but let's all try to remember, this is still America. Anybody but Husseine Obama in 2012!

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