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Kim Kardashian Addresses The Story About O.J. Being Khloe Kardashian’s Dad!

Seriously, like when will this story end!!
Kim Kardashian tweeted today in response to the National Enquirer‘s latest cover, which boasts the scoop: “O.J. Bombshell: ‘I’m Khloé‘s Real Dad!’ “
The Enquirer‘s brazenness is duly noted, but we’re really too busy admiring Kim’s sense of humor…

“It makes sense now,” she continued. “Khloe u are so tan!”
It’s true, some things are just too awesome to get mad at.
The biological-dad hullabaloo comes, of course, after the two women Robert Kardashian was married to after divorcing Kris Jenner told Star that the late attorney wasn’t Khloé Kardashian Odom’s real father. Jenner, who admitted in her recent memoir to cheating on her former husband, called the allegations “so silly,” and Khloé duly tweeted her disgust.
Kardashian served on O.J. Simpson‘s defense team and Jenner was close friends with the fallen star’s late wife, Nicole Brown Simpson.
Khloé tweeted today, “It only makes me stronger!” but it’s unclear if that was in response to the Enquirer or stories about her seeking fertility treatment—which she denied yesterday.
“Because there seems to be much speculation, here is my statement… I am not at this time in my life considering any type of fertility treatments,” she wrote. “If and when I do, I will shout it from the rooftops but for now its in Gods hands.”


All i can say to khloe is just continue to stay strong, because you will over come this!


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