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Kim Kardashian’s Commercial For “True Reflections” Perfume [VIDEO]

Reality TV Super Star Kim Kardashian now launch her 4th Perfume Brand. The Perfume brand name will be “True Reflection” is set to be launched in the Spring. She already done her advertisement video for True Reflection. Kim’s new perfume commercial is inspired by the 1950s.

In the commercial, Kim pulls up in a slick vintage Mercedes Benz and walks into a beautiful mansion. Like you would expect, Kim heads straight for the closet, where she gets ready for a date to be had later on in the evening. 
Check it out below:

Kim changes and then sprays on some of her True Reflections fragrance, which she obviously substituted for a shower. 
Soon thereafter, Kim’s date shows up and she’s fully dressed, looking stunning as always.
Kim’s True Reflections commercial was directed by Nigel Dich.


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