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Kobe Bryant’s Ex-WIfe Vanessa Getting $75 Million & Two Mansions In Divorce Settlement!


legal experts did say that the apparent lack of a prenuptial agreement – plus 10 years of marriage – can substantially increase the Kobe and Vanessa Bryant, the size of the divorce settlement, now the man of the hour Kobe Bryant has reportedly given up two of his mansions that he and his soon-to-be ex-wife Vanessa supposedly bought together, after receiving settlement in there divorce and plus the chick might be getting a large,,,,no…. a VERY LARGE CHECK!!!!

The LA Lakers baller has transferred two of his properties to his wife including the house they used to share in Newport Coast. The second home Vanessa now owns is said to be the mansion nearby where she has allowed her mother to live. According to TMZ, the home where Kobe will now be living is under construction, but he is living it up in a plush bachelors pad in the meantime.
Vanessa filed for divorce from Kobe in November citing irreconcilable differences in the papers, but it was later claimed that she had found out he had cheated on her yet again. The estranged couple have two daughters together and have been married for almost 11 years. Sources say the only reason Vanessa stayed was, “she knew if you stayed in a marriage for more than 10 years in LA you get more money…. Sources also said Vanessa wanted to leave 3 years ago.

The marriage did lasted 10 years, and the fact that Vanessa and Kobe are both under California divorce law, Vanessa Bryant gets several advantages. After passing the 10-year mark, attorney Dmitry Gorin said, a marriage is defined as a lengthy one, which means the spouse is allowed to maintain her standard of living after the split.

Gorin also added that Vanessa Bryant may be entitled to permanent spousal support and may even be part of Kobe Bryant’s retirement plans. She’ll probably get “more than enough for many lifetimes,” Gorin said.

Some estimates put Kobe Bryant’s net worth at $150 million. Legal experts say Vanessa Bryant will probably receive at least $75 million in addition to ongoing spousal and child support. 

Kobe is said to be having a new home built check out the photo blow.

Plus last season Kobe was NBA’s highest-paid player earning $24.8 million in salary, and his contract extension signed last year is worth $83.5 million. Forbes magazine estimates that with endorsement deals, Bryant last year earned $53 million before taxes and agent fees. In recent years, he has added Turkish Airlines and Mercedes-Benz to his portfolio of endorsements.


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