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Kris Jenner’s Former Boy Toy SPEAKING OUT In New Interview! [Photo]

In an interview Todd, who went from 23-year-old soccer player to an Emmy-nominated Hollywood animator, revealed a whole lot of details that the couple’s relationship which began back in 1989 while Kris was still married to lawyer Robert Kardashian.
Todd and Kris’ affair came to light after the Kardashian mom mentioned the whirl-wind relationship with a man named “Ryan” in her tell all book. Todd was informed by one of his friends about the book and has since decided to come forward with details that have been secret for decades.
Todd talks about the first sexual encounter that he had with Kris, in a closet at a friend’s house:
‘I’m sure we danced and had a good time in the club. We came back to her friend’s home in Beverly Hills. And our first time [we had sex] was in her friend’s closet. We found a little place in the house and consummated the relationship. It was a magical night, surreal. I think it was two people who were both open to experiencing something in their life at that time. It was fate, we invited it and we just ran with it and from that point on. We didn’t hold back.’
The love swept us away. We made our own different reality. It was special, it was a little crazy, a little wild – we didn’t exercise caution or self-restraint. I think we were both very much in love.’
According to the intervirew, Kris’ husband Rob had an idea that the affair was going on:
‘We did some crazy things. I remember playing tennis at her home with my friend the soccer player Justin Fashanu. And Robert was watching us play. We’re in the affair now and I’m sure he suspected at this point.
‘He was trying to throw me off my game actually. He was just calling out foot fault while I served.’
According to Todd after Robert found out, the affair went south, fast:
‘When he hired the private investigators I would say that’s when it started going bad. It was the midway point of the affair. I remember he turned up at our apartment and he got into the complex. I said we’d call the police, let a little time go by and then I decided to drive Kris back to wherever she had to go.I was driving in an open Jeep at the time. As I pulled out of my garage, it was about 5pm and a sunny day, he comes charging out with a golf club in his 450 SL convertible. He took a swing and whacked the back of my car. I said “holy s***, Kris, can I pull over and confront him? What do you want to do?” She screamed out “no, no” keep driving he might have a gun in the car. I know he keeps a gun.”
And of course, the question that plagued the media headlines was asked, is Todd Khloe’s father? Todd addressed the rumors by saying:
“She’s definitely not my kid. We had this affair five years after she was born. I feel sorry that Khloe has to go through something like that.”
WHOA! And we thought Kris’ side of the story was explosive! Todd also shared photos of him and Kris together. Kris was not kidding when she said this was a whirlwind affair!


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